Shane's Poem

Life is like an unbloomed rose,
Wound tightly around itself,
A myriad of secrets hidden inside,
Waiting to be discovered,
But unwilling to reveal themselves.
they must be found,
Must be uncovered,
Must be realized,
Must BE discovered
By they who seek the elusive meaning
Of an existance
Not easily explained.

Copyright: Shane Runkle

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Andrew's Poems


By Andrew Brown

Somewhere in my heart beyond
all my pride
holds a secret desire so intense
deep inside, imprisoned with all
my passion and love unknown to
anyone but the Lord up above.

I desire for someone to cherish and hold
the need for a love to call my own
Someone who keeps me shining through
day and night
Someone to kiss and make up
with after a fight.

Someone who Appreciates and respects
All I can be
Someone who's strong
enough to commit and love only me
Someone who will be there to
kiss away my tears
Secure my doubts and release me
from my fears.

Someone who I can depend
on to be my best friend
Someone who can restore my
faith in love again,
this love is like a dream that
has yet to become true
or, so I believed- until I found

With Faith and Trust

By Andrew Brown

We can't always have sunshine
As down life's path we go,
We also need life's storm clouds
To bring the rainbow glow.

And we can't take for granted
God's blessings from above
But we can always count on
His mercy and love.

With faith and trust we'll conquer
Each challenge that we meet
Our hearts anticipating
Each new day that we greet!

Copyright Andrew Brown

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Man or Beast
By Franklin Lynch

Man or beast! is your decision,
attempting to judge someone from
their personality traits, may be
hard to do, with exact precision.

But when the curiosities of our
mind, entwines with one another,
touching on those long sought-
after peace and comforts, you'll
be satisfied when calling me brother.

Copyright Franklin Lynch

Franklin's Page.

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