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Mr. Rafael Vasquez
TDCJ No. 738214
Coffield Unit
Rt. 1 Box 150
Tennessee Colony, Texas 75884

". . .Justice is no longer an issue of guilt or innocence. It is force-feeding eleven-and-a-half unsuspecting citizens a jurisprudentially decaying amount of psychobabble and legaldegook. It turns my stomach that the jury is expected to vomit something appropriate when they have been so far mislead."

©1998-Unpublished work by Rafael Vasquez, Excerpt from:"Bleak October-The Seasons of Elijah."

Rafael's Message to You:

"Rafael Vasquez is a single, 39 year old veteran who, in 1980, pledged his life to the very government that would imprison him some fourteen years later. Flying into the carnage of Beirut, Lebanon, in the early hours of October 23, 1983, Vasquez was convinced that never again would he come upon anything equally unspeakable. Texas proved him wrong...

On the morning of December 27, 1994, Vasquez awoke to the sound of the estranged boyfriend of a woman who lived in the neighborhood apartment screaming and cursing that woman's children while she was away at work. The extended period of silence that followed worried Vasquez, so he called police to investigate. San Antonio police officers investigated and filed their report No. 94-740041. There were no obvious marks on the children in question, so officers dismissed the investigation with a notation that the adult parties had had a verbal confrontation one day prior. Shortly after the mother of the children returned from work, criminal allegations were made against Vasquez in direct retaliation for his earlier summoning of the police.

There has never been any physical of forensic evidence found to support the initial allegations made against Vasquez. Although Vasquez had no history of felony violations, he was held pending further investigation. Still unknown items of "evidence" were presented to a crime lab for analysis by the chief complainant; a person with a history of mental dysfunction who has made similar allegations in the past. This information was withheld from the jury. There having been no crime, this alleged "evidence" was purposefully misrepresented before the jury by the prosecutor.

Six months into trial preparation and just three days before a scheduled trial date, Vasquez's first attorney was curiously replaced with a Texas Public Defender who has a history of professional misconduct. This attorney, Jose M. Guerrero, P.C.(San Antonio), immediately set out to work with one of Bexar County, Texas' 175th District Court Judges to insure that Vasquez's case was lost.. Vasquez's primary defense argument of retaliation was purposefully abandoned by the public defender by his refusals to obtain the previously mentioned police report in a timely maner and for presentation to the jury. Vasquez immediately contacted the judge who arranged the attorney swap and repeatedly requested that this attorney be removed. The judge;however, concerted their actions by suppressing and subverting the official and public records to insure that no record of Vasquez's motions to replace this malfeasant attorney appeared on any public documents. Vasquez filed fourteen complaints with the State Commission Bar of Texas and three complaints with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for the judges overt actions. In addition, Vasquez began contacting the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals-San Antonio, and on December 22, 1995, the Chief Justice of that appellate court issued his written order to the lower (175th District) Court which included a Court's Directive to insure that Vasquez's Court-appointed counsel be reminded that it is his ..."duty... [to] act in full accordance with his client's wishes. Vernon's Ann.Art.26.04(a)C.C.P." That higher court's order was disrespected by the lower court and its forced counsel as it was flagrantly cast aside in contempt.

On the second day of trial, it was discovered that one female juror had not been sworn and her vehement objections indicated that she was both statutorily and constitutionally barred from jury duty availability. The judge, after herself reducing this juror to tears in argument, forced her to sit as a juror by threatening Contempt-of-Court charges. The judge had failed to pick any available juror alternates and she later ordered all juror information be sealed, barred from public reviewability.

During this, and numberous other in-court violations, the court's public defender sat by quietly and made absolutely no objections to any prosecutorial misconducts during the guilt/innocence phase of trial. In fact, Jose M. Guerrero worked to impeach his own client.

For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet, yet trouble came.

Job 3:25-26

At this point, Vasquez was in the midst of the judge and her forced counsel's preconceived path. Now fully understanding the length to which the judge's attorney would go to deny Vasquez a fair trial, Vasquez himself, found no option but to raise his hand, stand before the court, and ask the judge to consider Vasquez's own objections. The judge would have none of this. Her response to Vasquez's attempts to secure his own rights was simply:"I don't have to discuss that" (Vasquez's objections), and she walked away from the bench effectively stopping the court reporter's recording of Vazquez's objections.

The prosecutor played her part with choreographed accuracy. Besides withholding material evidence, she went on to misrepresent the crime labs analysis reports on the alleged "evidence", and went so far even, as to slander a public trial observer.

Subsequently, Vasquez filed a federal lawsuit in the Western District of Texas for these conspiratorial and overt actions, naming the judge and her forced counsel, defendants, in that suit. During this time frame as well, the public defender was sanctioned by the State Bar of Texas and placed on his second (probated) license suspension for other professional misconducts. This judicial conspiracy becomes readily apparent when we see that the judge, then a defendant in a civil conspiracy lawsuit filed by Vasquez, ordered that her same forced counsel, then a defendant in a civil conspiracy lawsuit filed by Vasquez, remain on as Vasquez's court-appointed counsel on appeal while she continued to suppress and subvert the public records, this, obviously, to remove the liklihood that a different appellate counsel would accurately identify and expose the overt actions of judge, prosecutor, and forced counsel.

Three months after Vasquez filed his lawsuit against his attorney, and while that attorney was practicing law under his second (probated) license suspension, that attorney anchored the conspiratorial objective by misrepresenting the facts on appeal and willfully and knowingly created a falsified government document, to wit: The Appellate Brief. To use the vernacular; Jose M. Guerrero lied to the higher court to insure Vasquez's long-term imprisonment and thereby substantially reduce the opportunities to reveal the truths in this case.

On February 12, 1998, the Appellate Court affirmed the lower court's decision based upon falsified document given them by an attorney who was being sued by his own client, to compound his crime, the attorney mailed his falsified government document to state offices using the United State Mails.

Currently, Vasquez has no attorney, the State of Texas and its Federal Courts are seeking sanctions against Vasquez for his attempts to raise the issues of conspiracy within the state. Vasquez has lost his mother and fiancé during his period of incarceration and has no funds available to him. He is seeking legal aid in any form, defense fund donations, and a literary donation/benefactor to purchase a typewriter sold on the prison unit in order that he may further develop his literary works, a manuscript, and a playscript for submission."

End. © 1998 unpublished work Rafael Vasquez

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