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"Never Forget

"...As I have traveled through theses concrete jungles of modern day Babylon-style captivity, very often, I have witnessed these now famous words:

"...In those times, when the man-made forces of un-Holy and un-Human,
Political Tyranny,
Rapacious Greed,
Ethnic Persecution,
False Imprisonment,
Anti-Religious Propaganda,
Nationalist Inquisitions,
Insidious Population Control,
Absolute Injustice,
Physical and Psychological Torture,
Calculated Genocide,
Politically Sanctioned Domestic Exile,
and a Second Black Holocaust...

Has been unleashed against the beloved men, women, and children of our captive and seiged upon, New African Nation. The courageous pen of Artistic Truths can also become as mighty as the dreaded Angel Gabriel's, burning sword of justice...

But, woefully, when a greatly afflicted and scorned Black man has never been trained to become a grafic artist. He can possess a buried treasure of indomitable Human spirit, courage, and raw creative potential. But, due to the extremely segregated, isolated, and grievous conditions of domestic exile, he lacks the personal means, mentorship, or a patron to help further develop his skills.

As such, if you were raised to never forget our unfinished struggles of divine truth, justice, and the victory of good over our 400 year long ordeal of Babylon-style captivity, your communication aid and adopted kindred spirits would be greatly appreciated."

Yafeu Iyapo-I.
Isaiah 61:1.

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